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In-Session Tests and Exams - Invigilation:


Because of the online format, it is no longer feasible for the SAAC to provide you with invigilation of your exams.  Teachers will be invigilating your exams if necessary.  Only in situations where all students, from your course, will be on campus for an exam and that the teacher is unable to provide the accommodations, will the SAAC be able to make an exception and find an appropriate solution. 


Test and Exams - Extended time


Because we will not be invigilating online exams, teachers are responsible for providing students with extended time. Your teachers have been exploring innovative ways to accommodate not only students registered with the SAAC but all students.  Below are only a few examples of how teachers may be accommodating for extra time. 



Evaluations/Assessments with specific due date

·       No additional accommodations. Must submit by due date.


Evaluations/Assessments with a timed duration:

·       Teacher has extended exam submission time for SAAC student only.  

·       Teacher has extended exam submission time for all students.  

·       Teacher has shortened the exam for all students. Example: Created a 1-hour exam but giving 1.5 hours to complete.

·       Teacher will grade only the best answers out of.  Example: Best 5 answers out of 7 questions.



Please discuss tests/exams with your teachers.  If you have any concerns, please communicate with your counsellor.




The SAAC team