Request for Accommodations    Help

FOR RETURNING STUDENTS ONLY (new students should schedule an appointment with their counsellor)



You will only see your classes and be able to request, the DAY AFTER FINALIZING your schedule.



1.  Finalize your registration

2.  Wait until the following day

3. Click on the "Accommodations" tab.

4.  Request accommodations for each course, individually or as a group.

5.  Your counsellor will review your request and your accommodations.  This may take up to 3 working days.

6.  Verify your Dawson College email (Omnivox - 365 Mail account) 

  • If your counsellor approves your accommodations as requested:
    • You will receive your IEP (Individual Education Plan) via your Dawson student email account.  You will need to confirm your IEP by following the instructions in the email. 
  • If your counsellor denies your accommodations as requested:
    • Your counsellor will ask to meet with you.

7.  ONLY when you have returned your confirmation of your IEP will we send your accommodations to your teachers.  Failure to confirm your IEP will result in no accommodations. 


Should you have any questions or concerns, you may contact your counsellor directly or email